8 Tips For Creating A Strong And Authentic Brand For Smes By Fahim Moledina

8 Tips For Creating A Strong And Authentic Brand For Smes


If entrepreneurs have learned something during the first half of 2020, things can change suddenly. The brand that represents each business is not exempt from the transformation that new trends in its market may bring or even the behavior and perception of consumers.

Fahim Moledina states that it’s the time comes to rethink, or in the case of new SMEs, to raise their brand strategy for the first time. They know how to convey what they want to reflect in this new stage of the business on time and correctly, since how consumers engage with this “business identity” will largely determine the success of your growth plans.

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Therefore, given the evident panorama of changes that is to come in the business and entrepreneurial world. The most convenient thing is to prepare a solid branding strategy that allows to authentically connect the business with the clients to provide an experience closer to them.

Your brand is not a logo, a name, or a product. It’s much more than that. A branding strategy by Fahim Moledina will help you define your brand identity, to consistently develop all the variables that make up your brand.

Therefore, from Fahim Moledina’s experience, he believes that the following tips can help companies of any size to create a brand that goes far beyond the label:

  1. Think of your brand as a person

The best way to start creating an authentic and lasting brand in the minds of your customers is by creating an identity. Think about what it would be like, how it would behave, and for what reasons you would like to be remembered. Start by asking yourself: “How would it present itself?” or “How would you talk about your products or services?” The purpose is to begin to visualize what your business’s relationship with its target audience will be like.

  1. Be consistent across all your communication channels

Inconsistency is one of the most common mistakes in business. When your brand’s voice is the same across all media and platforms, it is easier for customers to recognize and become familiar with your business. So he tries to create both a voice and a unified style. Remember, valuable brands prioritize consistency, thus reaping benefits.

  1. Plan your strategy

More than directing, you need to plan specific medium and long-term objectives that can be achieved as you move forward. Set goals that impact all business areas, such as purpose, emotion, flexibility, competitive awareness, and employee engagement.

  1. Don’t confuse inspiration with imitation

Nobody falls ill with a little inspiration when it comes to creating or strengthening their identity, as it provides new ideas on how to improve or further differentiate your brand from the competition. Be alert not to fall into the imitation trap and focus your efforts on everything your organization contributes. Do not forget that the brands, authentic and provocative, are the most memorable.

  1. Encourage your collaborators to be proud of your brand

Fahim Moledina says that the first sign to know if your brand is strong enough to impact your target audience is your collaborators’ pride in it. Encouraging it will not only help you convey that your business is a place where things are done well, but it can also be useful when attracting the best talent to your company.

A strong brand is capable of connecting with both the minds and hearts of consumers. Therefore, it is important to have a strong and authentic enough identity that allows us to establish long-term relationships and an unmatched business experience with consumers.

  1. Appeal to emotions

Customers are not always rational. Humans also need to relate and create bonds. A brand has to connect with its audience through emotions. Ask yourself, what do you transmit to your customers? What can you bring them emotionally?

  1. Define objectives

Define what your brand is, what it offers, and how. Decide what your goals are from there and work daily to achieve them. Consistency is essential when developing a strong brand.

  1. Pay attention to the visual identity of your brand

It is often said that a good brand has to be identified immediately. Some think that for a brand identity to be good, it has to be able to draw. Once you have defined your identity and objectives, it is essential to materialize your values ​​and activity through visual aids. In addition, nowadays, the image reigns over any other visual support.


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