5 Stunning Outdoor Patio Ideas By Fahim Moledina

5 Stunning Outdoor Patio Ideas


The design has always been inspired by nature, and in large part, it is because we are moved by its many forms, gradations, and views. The connection with nature has become a big part of contemporary architecture, and the owners long for serene escapes that take them away from the city’s hectic life.

Sometimes this could be a beautiful suburban neighborhood home surrounded enough by greenery to give the impression of a secluded little oasis amid all the chaos. At other times, it could be a relaxing beach house or an elegant residence overlooking a river or lake. But today, with Fahim Moledina, let’s enter the mystical world of woods and forests!

Top 5 ideas by Fahim Moledina

The changing colors of the forest captivate you here. A mesmerizing outdoor living space, lounge, or terrace overlooking a lush green canopy, vibrant forests, and the terrain beyond is surely the perfect way to leave your troubles behind and find peace and pleasure. While for some of us, these dream retreats only come in the form of vacation trips “once a year”, the luckiest people are lucky enough to have vacation homes and cabins that allow them to enjoy these beautiful green sights. But no matter which section of that crowd you fit into, the outdoor hangouts and terraces Fahim Moledina shares with you today are sure to leave you spellbound.

  1. Awesome pool and terrace

Suppose you love the idea of ​​a home vacation rather than spending all that time and effort planning a vacation this holiday season. In that case, stylish pool landscaping and a relaxing backyard are an absolute must. This setting becomes an even more attractive prospect when you add the image of a dense, green forest in the background! The forest canopy not only adds vibrant color and sets the tone for the manicured landscaping around the home, deck, and pool but also offers ample privacy as you spend summer afternoons and nights under the sky. Combine the magic of a fireplace or campfire with the pool and your dream vacation setting is complete.

  1. Splendid contemporary decks

We went from backyards and pools to contemporary patios that combine comfort, class, and captivating forest views. A contemporary patio is much more than a place to hang out with the whole family. It can easily function as an outdoor dining area, party zone, and unique vantage point, allowing you to make the most of the exceptional views your home enjoys. All you need here is comfortable outdoor seating, maybe a dining table with a few chairs, a fireplace for those who are willing to go the extra mile in terms of effort and costs, and of course, a spectacular view that finishes off everything with style. You just can’t go wrong here!

  1. Sun, shade, and serenity

Outdoor hangout isn’t all about unrestricted sunshine, and sometimes you need a bit of protection both in the really hot summer months and on the cold winter days. A pavilion offers both without blocking the panoramic view of the forest and its lightweight structure is also a cost-effective option. In the case of most modern houses, it is an extended roof structure that acts as a pergola and provides adequate shade. More elaborate freestanding features like the pagoda are much more resource-demanding but could give you that extra elevation that makes the panoramic view on offer even more impressive.

  1. All about the view!

Fahim Moledina articulates you don’t always need an expansive platform when you have a vast forest and majestic mountains to dominate beyond the confines of your home! Sometimes a small, minimal rig is the best option as it puts the focus firmly on what’s beyond. This highlights the forest’s view and ensures that even the smallest canopy makes a big impression by simply letting nature take over and doing what it does best – it blows you away!

  1. Wonders by the water!

Nothing seems more appropriate for a fabulous fall party on a wonderful evening lit by candles, paper lanterns, and string lights than a rustic deck that sits right next to a tranquil lake or body of water. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of those picture-perfect homes, make your vacation season even more special with a deck that looks like a natural extension of the living space indoors. Most rustic decks are made with pressure-treated wood, and you can finish them off with affordable options like Redwood and Cedar or more expensive alternatives for that classic country appeal.


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